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Check out some of the projects and products I have worked on.  Most of them I cannot go into to much detail due to NDAs.  All my projects and products are digital products (such as mobile apps and websites) and software platforms that interact with customers.


Technical Product Manager

A corporate venture within General Motors Company where I lead the creation of a car-sharing platform and over SIX proofs-of-concept for urban mobility solutions, taking 4 to market and gaining ~240,000 customers in the first 2 years.  We also partnered with Lyft & Cadillac to build custom solutions for them. 


Check out Maven's Wikipedia page.


Morning Fanatics

Founder & Product Manager

A bootstrapped e-commerce dropshipping startup business using the Shopify platform.  Morning Fanatics attempted to create a subscription business for products related to your morning routines.  After two years of business Morning Fanatics closed up shop in 2017.


Consulting & Freelance Projects

Consultant & Product 

I have worked on various projects for small and large companies as a marketing, product, strategy, operations, and or technology professional in various industries.  Working on ideation, product strategy, market positioning, e-commerce, operations, and digital strategy. 

  • Healthcare

  • Jewelry

  • Education

  • FinTech

  • Automotive

  • Food Manufacturing

IT Consulting
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